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Community Overview

There are no rules except not to be a trolling fool. You're not being watched, but if you act the fool, the maintainers areso metal they don't give a fuck about making you spend seasons in the abyss.

That's really all. We'll let the other LJ metal communities rule themselves to death.

If you are a member of this community and wish to share something with people from this group that has no relation to metal, you are welcome to join um_offtopic and post there. UM is like a family so this forum exists for members to share something while respecting others' friends pages.

Community Bands

Ghost in the Gears - nipplestheclown
Adgerbog - vikingmetal
Gates of Enoch - psychedelicwolf
The Dolemite Project - drunkbat
Zero Degrees Freedom - mouazz
Skog - 001001101

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