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best albums of 2010 [09 Dec 2010|09:54pm]

2010 did not produce as many outstanding motherfucker albums as 2009, but it was still quite a good year for metal.

Atheist-Jupiter -There are hundreds of technical death metal bands out there now because of what thee guys did in the early 90's. They reformed and released a crushing live album last year. This is their first studio since the flakey 1993 album Elements and is an outstanding return to form.

Blind Guardian-At The Edge Of Time-All Blind Guardian Albums are epic and bombastic. All Blind Guardian albums are just a little bit silly. This one features an orchestra for the duration of the album along with some quality riffing and frantic rhythms.

Swans-My Father Will Guide Me By A Rope Up To The Sky-I have Swans albums mainly to bolster my hipster cred, and there are only a few I really like and this is one of them. Sounds kind of like mid-period Nick Cave(whatever the hell that sounds like!) but rougher edged and, of course, the droning.

Soulfly-Omen-This is really a late 80's Sepultura album. I'd like to say that it's a return to form, but classic Soulfly is really about tribalism and world music, while this is just pure thrash metal.

Sigh-Scenes From Hell-Sigh have turned down the avant-gardness and brought back der Swedish-ish metal sound, but proggisms and idiosyncrasies abound. Just good music to be found here.

Nachtmystium-Addicts Black Meddle Part II-Best psychedelic metal album of the year. A Trippy bruiser with a touch of Frence necro drone. Some of the tunes are almost danceable, if you like dancing......with the dead!

The Meads Of Asphodel-The Murder Of Jesus The Jew-Oh Sweet Jesus! The Meads are such an amazing band. Label under blackened prog but really they are a world unto themselves. This album features a 60,000 article written by the band explaining the concept, once again culled from Biblical apocrypha, available on their website.

Ihsahn-After-My favorite album of the year, the one I keep returning to. This one is more death metal flavored, and features the only intelligently composed usage of saxophone on a metal album that I've heard to date(Painkiller could be an exception but I do not even consider them to be a metal band).

Heidevolk-Uit Oude Grond-These Germans have streamlined their folk prog tendencies into a kick ass and quite tuneful metal album. I guess I could be describing an early 80's Scorpion's album, but it's not, really.

Goat Funeral-Bastion Lucifer-This is my vote for best totally obscure pig fuck black metal album. There is no reason why this album should be so good. Nothing fancy, just blood, guts, ravishing grimness, and Lucifer.

Finntroll-Nifelvind-Proggy folksters from....guess where. These guys have been around for a while and never seem to run out of fresh ideas.

Drudkh-Handful Of Stars-Love this band. Love this album. An ambient grim fest, a minimalist nightmare.

Death Angel-Relentless Retribution-Their best album since 1987's The Ultra-Violence. Although it resembles the more melodic Act III than that classic thrasher, this is just as relentlessly heavy.

Darkthrone-Circle The Wagons-These trolls just keep churning out quality, and dare I say tasteful, blackened crust metal. Riff after quality riff with a quirky vibe.

Cephalic Carnage-Misled By Certainty-Though they are in danger of repeating themselves(!), the death metal jazzsters are still all over the place and heavy as fuck.

Burzum-Belus-The Evil One returns with a satisfying and contemplative grim fest as if it will be 1993 until the end of time.

Abigor-Time Is The Sulfur Of The Mind-Two songs, each nearly hitting the 20 minute mark, each one bizarre and obscure and evil.

Defeated Sanity-Best pure death metal album I've heard this year, contains oddles of gut churning gutter bellows and atonal riffing that jumps around like a baboon on PCP.

Fleshgod Apocalypse-An amazing little death metal EP. Brutal yet expansive. Can't wait for another full album.
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[02 Dec 2010|11:06pm]

I need some new music. Bad.

What do you suggest I check out that's not death metal or metalcore?

If you want some idea of what I like, check my profile.
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Who else is PLAYING this show? [09 Nov 2010|12:46am]

[ mood | Metal ]

Sure as fuck I am.

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new powerglove [24 Aug 2010|04:48am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

WOW is an understatement

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Call of Duty Playlist [17 Aug 2010|12:59am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Check It OutCollapse )

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Slipknot went from awaful to worst. [24 May 2010|10:33pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

SLIPKNOT Bassist Found Dead - May 24, 2010Collapse )

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Дожили-докатились... [22 May 2010|04:39pm]

В Белгороде широкий общественный резонанс вызвало разосланное местными властями владельцам местных клубов и других концертных площадок письмо с просьбой не проводить "концерты тяжелой музыки в жанре хэви-метал
Начальник управления потребительского рынка белгородской мэрии Владимир Шатило, автор письма, ссылается на разработанную губернатором Евгением Савченко программу по обеспечению "духовной безопасности на 2010 год" и просьбу начальства "поспособствовать пресечению сатанинской деятельности"...
Государственная дума в среду приняла во втором чтении законопроект о дополнении перечня памятных дат, согласно которому в России 28 июля будут праздновать день Крещения Руси.
Данный закон депутатам в прошлом году поручили разработать президент Дмитрий Медведев и премьер-министр Владимир Путин. Финансирование мероприятий, посвященных указанной дате, будет осуществляться за счет средств федерального бюджета, а величина расходов будет определена в ходе бюджетного планирования на 2011-й и последующие годы с учетом подготавливаемых федеральными органами исполнительной власти мероприятий...
Сначала запретят концерты...
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Howling At The Moon: The Wolf/Wolves Anthem [29 Apr 2010|02:05am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Aldrlag - As Wolves
Alestorm - Wolves of the sea
Behemoth - Wolves Guard My Coffin
Cradle of Filth - A Dream of Wolves In Snow
Folkearth - Wisdom of Wolves
Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves
Greeley Estates - Wolves Make Great Actors
Korpiklaani - Running With Wolves
Nightwish - 7 Days To The Wolves
No Remorse No Retreat - We Are Werewolves
Senses Fail - Wolves At The Door
Sleipnir - Wolves of Odin
Wolfchant- Under The Wolves Banner
Cryonic Temple - Wolfcry
Envoutement - Night of The Black Wolf
Folkearth - The Iron Wolf
Folkearth - Wolfsong In Moonlight (Fenris Unbound)
folkeath - The Iron Wolf
Gladsheim - Fimbul Winter
Iced Earth - Wolf
Megadeth - She-Wolf
Satyricon - The Wolfpack
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven
Sonata Arctica - Wolf & Raven (2008 Version)
Spellblast - Legend of The Ice Wolf
Thor - Tale of Wolf/Warriors of The Universe
Twisted Tower Dire - Dire Wolf
Tyler Bates - The Wolf
Varg - Wolfszeit
Werewolf- Wolfish Famine Blood
Werewolf - Burning Eyes of Werewolf
Wolfchant- A Wolf's Tale
Wolfchant - The Desire of A Wolf
Wolfchant - Midnight Gathering
Wulfgar - A Wolf's Tale
Evilfeast - Ode To A Rising Fullmoon (Intro)
Hate Forest - Fullmoon
Heretic - Fullmoon Worship
Immortal - The Call of The Wintermoon
Sonata Arctica - Fullmoon
Werewolf - The Temple of Fullmoon
The Descent of the Sun - Depressing Paths Through Fullmoon Forests (Cover)
Mutiilation - Under The Full Moon
Moonspell - Fullmoon Madness
Oakenshield - Fenris
Alda - Fimbulwinter
Amon Amarth - The Arrival of The Fimbul Winter
Amon Amarth - Arrival of Fimbul Winter
Einherjer - Fimbul Winter
Fimbulwinter - Fimbulwinter Sacrifice
Cradle of Filth - Beneath The Howling Stars
Within Temptation - The Howling

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Alcest in Boston! [21 Apr 2010|12:39pm]

Big Flyer for the Boston Alcest show!Collapse )
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Hopefully I'm the first to post this. [14 Apr 2010|06:29pm]

[ mood | fever? ]

It seems like these videogame metal bands are coming out of the woodworks all of the sudden but i heard this cd and it blew me away. If you have it already that's cool but for all the people who don't.
The donkey kong song is fucking EPIC

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VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE - Immortal Love (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [11 Apr 2010|08:35pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE - Immortal Love. Taken from the EP "Lost In The Shadows"

SHOCKHOUND EXCLUSIVE - http://www.shockhound.com/albums/5839...

HOT TOPIC - http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/What...

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Despised Icon: CALL IT QUITS [07 Apr 2010|09:47pm]


Here's a statement from the band:

"The time has come for us to move on. Some of us have recently reached a new chapter in their lives, starting families, buying houses and pursuing other careers to make it all happen. Writing music, touring and leaving home for months at a time is slowly becoming impossible because of that. We all decided that it’d be best to pull the plug now and end things right.

It’s hard to believe we started this band almost 10 years ago already. At first, Despised Icon was mostly just an excuse to hang out, write brutal slam riffs and play local shows once in a while. With your support, we got the opportunity to actually play music for a living, make friends around the world, be MVPs and travel to places we never even dreamed of visiting in our lifetime. Thank you all for some of the best times of our lives.

We’re currently working on setting up our final tours in Canada, USA and Europe. Expect to see us in a town near you sometime before the end of the year. If all goes as planned, we’ll also be touring Australia and Asia for the first time in the fall. We’ll keep you posted on everything. These last shows will be fucking epic! See you guys then!"
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Power Ballads Request? [02 Apr 2010|01:27pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I have a very odd and interesting request? I am looking for some Rock/Metal Power Ballads? I am in the mood for some love music/romance music from the heavy growling metal guys. So I am hoping people in this place can help me out.

Ready Set Go, recommend me some awesome ballads.

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The Demonstration - Bad Romance (Cover) [11 Mar 2010|09:56am]

[ mood | amused ]


The Demonstrations new video for there cover of the Lady GaGa song "Bad romance"

Directed by Kotk Beasley
Edited by Cory Doggett
Cinematography: Matthew B. Moore



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CALLEJON - Kinder der Nacht [03 Mar 2010|11:27am]

[ mood | busy ]

Black Metal Gimmick meets the Hardcore/Metalcore scene. Which could be known as Blackcore

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+ [03 Mar 2010|11:00am]

Join this community. It rocks!

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Билеты на Hypocrisy в подарок [27 Feb 2010|01:25pm]

14 марта в Б1 выступит шведская метал-группа Питера Тагтгрена (это тот, который человек-группа Pain) - Hypocrisy.


История группы  началась в 1990 году. Первоначально это было не что иное, как сольный проект Тагтгрена. Демо-записи он произвел самостоятельно, исполнив роль вокалиста, клавишника и гитариста. Начинали они своё шествие как брутал-death команда, однако за десять с лишним лет выработали свой четкий, жесткий звук. На данный момент группа выпустила 12 альбомов, успешно объездила полмира и в рамках нового тура добралась до Москвы.


Вот тут http://golubchikav.livejournal.com/914517.html можно попытаться получить  бесплатные билеты на этот концерт.


Ктоме того, там еще разыгрывают билеты на Slade, Gamma Ray, Status Quo, Yngwie Malmsteen и Madness.


Надеюсь что этот пост мне зачтется в удачу))))
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hellbound.ca [27 Feb 2010|12:33am]


I love that album cover.

I subscribe to this e-letter from hellbound.ca and that's how I've been finding out about all my new metal music. The e-letter is really nice, because it's just text and doesn't make you go to another webpage to view "more information." Usually it's a couple reviews in each email, arriving in my inbox about five times a week. Fucking simple and to the point. It's marvelous. My newest, favoritest band thanks to Hellbound thus far is Destinity. Combines thrashened death metal with Children of Bodom- or Dark Tranquility-like keyboards. And it's kind of neat that I have both the fonts they used for the album cover on XI Reasons to See.

Also like this band, Weapon. Just downloaded their album Drakonion Paradigm yesterday. D/L 60Mb files is a stretch but it's possible at 3am.
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Goodbye Organs [19 Feb 2010|06:31pm]

[ mood | KVLT ]

The Long awaited BURZUM that i know you'd kill mother on mothers day for.

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EMBRACE THE END - Denim On Denim Hate (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [16 Feb 2010|09:59pm]

EMBRACE THE END - Denim On Denim Hate (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album "Leylines", Century Media Records, 2008.

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